5 Reasons Why Your Cleaning Website Struggles To Generate Leads For Your Business
Written by Nova De Jesus on Oct. 17th 2018
Want to know how to generate leads from your website? Sometimes it's helpful to know what not to do.
Let's look at the top 5 reasons why Cleaning companies leave money on the table by having websites that don't generate leads....

1. You haven’t defined your target audience.

You must have a website that markets for you just like sales or a 24 hour sales marketer -- you have to know who you're speaking to in order to craft your message, after all you did not just spent thousands for it to just sit there. Having a fancy website that doesn’t do nothing for you is useless. You can have an ugly website that generates, having a fancy website doesn't necessarily means it's gonna make you money.
You have to add Benefits for them answer their problems, another words you are the solutions to their problems. After all people go on the search engine because they want answers or solutions to their problems. Your website must speak your target markets language and must have full benefits for them to understand. I hate to say this but it really is like walking a 4 year old. Or talking to a 4 year old.

2. Your website is outdated and looks like it still belongs in 2005.

You must update your websites feel and look and be up to date with your competitors. You need to spend a little to get a lot out of your websites, this is critical and a must. I think it is totally fine to have a cookie-cutter- websites but you must make yours unique and make it your own website by adding bells and whistles such as chatbot, talk now, chat now there are so many things you can add on your websites. The internet loves blogs and by adding keywords that relates to your niche makes it 100x better, somehow the webcrawler or search engines picks up on that, it establish authority with search engines and helps your web presence tremendously.
The world has change and times change. Technologies change constantly. So we must adapt! There are inherent benefits in overhauling your website at least 2-3 years, and updating it much more frequently is key.

3. They can’t find any good information on your website.

Be sure to add Help & Faq's on your website and make things easier for Customers to look for answers. It will save your company money because it helps that customers won't be calling and emailing for questions when you can already have these questions written and easily accessible to them. By writing a simple blog is the best way to publish short-form information that your potential customer is looking for. This really helps them, it adds value to your website plus your customers stays longer and will most likely become your readers and customers because you have added value, resources and contents that they may really enjoy. Your website can be their go-to resources to generate more business for them. Believe me people still read!

4. There’s literally no blog on your website

Have you heard that Cleaning companies don’t need a blog!? That’s a straight up lie in today’s marketplace. If you want to attract more customers to your website, you need to write blogs. A blog must meet and target their needs and questions that they may have. You are their go to solutions to their problems. Plus it helps with the search engine, if your keyword is ‘how to clean’ and they type in ‘how to clean’ your website will sure come up. Bingo!
There are several reasons to start a blog or writing an article on your company website. There are tons of ways to write one or two. You can even hire a writer on Fiverr if writing is not your forte.

5. You didn’t specify a ‘no calls to action’ on your website.

Yes, believe it or not, you have to walk your customers to what to do, it’s literally talking/walking to a 4 year old. You must state or show people the 'next step' or what to do next. Be sure links are highlighted so that it isn’t hard for them to understand. Like putting a ‘Click here now’ button highlighted in blue or whatever color you think would be ideal.
Be sure your ‘call to action’ link is linkable or clickable or it’s working to take them to the next step such as the landing page or a conversion page. A funnel to take them to where they need to go but the main idea to this is to get them to sign up or buy your services or a product. You must make it easy for them to understand. Please do not over exagerate it with too much graphics or adding your website with too many colors stay with a few fonts and colors. Too many colors makes it look messy. 2 colors theme is best that’s it.
Provide Value to your customers! a website without an obvious value proposition is virtually useless. Don't just list your products or services; customers loves the benefits they will see when they use your website. Provide Solutions to their problems!

Nova De Jesus

Nova De Jesus has been helping owners of Residential Cleaning companies, the owner of Cleaning companies herself have help build a more profitable and successful cleaning business since 2008, is also the Author of ‘Put the shine on Profits’ is also a Digital Marketing owner and currently running a Successful Marketing Agency to date. Nova helps Cleaning Companies get 20 - 100 NEW customers per month She is an expert at helping Cleaning Companies get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand. If you're interested in learning how Nova can help you grow your Cleaning business then click on blue button below. 
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